Responsible for two Apps + an Asian pacific product website

Global business review App + websiteThe Economist Group Core App

⸺In-house designer

2020 to Present


Digital product designerLeading Asian pacific product

⸺UX contrib.

User interview + recruitmentData analysis + reportFeature ideationUser journeyUser segmentation

⸺UI contrib.

Design product branding that mixes Asian and Western market needsDesign presentation and critiqueTimeline managementJunior guidance

⸺GBR App

App store

⸺GBR website


⸺TE core app

App store

How did I work?

Daily routine? or Design process?

I. Define Problems + Collect Data

II.Ideation is a vital phase where we generate creative ideas for the app's design. It involves brainstorming and collaboration to find innovative solutions.

III. UX sanity check is a quick evaluation or assessment of a user experience (UX) design to identify any major usability issues or potential problems.

IV. Grooming + Design critique

By receiving constructive criticism, designers can refine their work and enhance the overall quality of the design. Critiques encourage collaboration, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Design critique sessions promote communication and teamwork, allowing designers to benefit from diverse perspectives and expertise while strengthening the overall design process.

V. Development Kickoff

Designers and developers hold a kickoff meeting to discuss the technical aspects of the implementation. They review the design specifications, agree on development guidelines, and establish a shared understanding of the project requirements and goals.