Responsible for Apps & Governance(branding) revamp

Hang Seng Core App Revamp Phrase One


2018 to 2019


Senior designerWork across App and branding

⸺UX contrib.

User interview prototypeUser journey

⸺UI contrib.

Interaction animationDesign variation for internal pitchingJunior guidance

Before and After

What have i done?


Interaction is vital to UX because it engages users, provides feedback, enhances efficiency, aids learnability, and fosters emotional connections.

UI Design + Governance

Design governance is important for maintaining consistency, ensuring quality, promoting efficiency, mitigating risks, and aligning design activities with business objectives.


Icons are important to us because they provide visual cues, enhance usability, and improve user engagement.

Users Journey

User journeys are important as they provide insights into user behavior, help identify pain points, and enable the design of seamless and satisfying experiences.